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16w02a快照火热来袭 BUG修复内容介绍

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  16w02a快照火热来袭 BUG修复内容介绍。那在我的世界1.9中的第49个快照16w02a已经发布了,那在16w02a快照中修复了很多的BUG,那下面就给大家详细的介绍一下吧!

  A new year has started and it’s time to celebrate it with a new Minecraft snapshot. The list of things we want to finish before the 1.9 release is getting shorter, more bugs are getting fixed, fewer new bugs are getting introduced.


  Thanks to everyone who is reporting bugs, testing the snapshots and sending us feedback our changes. You are all helping to make 1.9 awesome.


  Notable changes:


  Fixed more bugs


  Less rendering issues with glow effects


  More balancing of the combat related mechanics


  Tamed artificial enderdragons (artificial means /summon)


  Changed everything, then changed it back


  Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

  [Bug MC-779] - Mobs are displayed outside of their spawner

  [Bug MC-779] - 实体显示在刷怪笼外

  [Bug MC-1072] - No Translation for “Air” in the superflat customization

  [Bug MC-1072] - 定制模式中“Air”未翻译

  [Bug MC-14722] - Social Zombies not affected by /gamerule doMobSpawning

  [Bug MC-14722] - 一部分僵尸不被/gamerule doMobSpawning影响

  [Bug MC-23952] - Bad alignment when using wide unicode fonts

  [Bug MC-23952] - 使用万国码字体时对齐效果不佳

  [Bug MC-44140] - Acacia and Dark Oak Stairs do not burn and cannot be lit with flint and steel

  [Bug MC-44140] - 金合欢楼梯和深色橡木楼梯不能燃烧,也不能被打火石点燃。

  [Bug MC-44280] - Eggs and Snowballs fired from dispensers don’t knockback mobs, but they do when thrown by the player or a snow golem.

  [Bug MC-44280] - 发射器发射的雪球和蛋不能击退实体。

  [Bug MC-46258] - “?” Character Has an Extra Pixel

  [Bug MC-46258] - “?” 字有个多余的像素(这里不是指问号,这里的字论坛发不出来。下面也有)

  [Bug MC-46690] - Items in inventory upon death in gamemode 3

  [Bug MC-46690] - 旁观模式的玩家死亡时掉落背包物品。

  [Bug MC-47941] - Creepers flash white when exploding

  [Bug MC-47941] - 爬行者在爆炸时闪现成白色。

  [Bug MC-59196] - Players can tick themselves arbitrarily

  [Bug MC-59196] - 玩家可以任意标记自己。

  [Bug MC-60692] - gamemode selector m doesn’t work with negation

  [Bug MC-60692] - 模式选择器的反选模式不工作。

  [Bug MC-63714] - Zombie Pigmen get angry when hit in creative

  [Bug MC-63714] - 僵尸猪人在创造模式被击中时也会愤怒。

  [Bug MC-69038] - /help in a command block shows /effect syntax

  [Bug MC-69038] - 命令方块内部的help指令显示effect指令的语法

  [Bug MC-71006] - Minecart with Hopper and Minecart with Chest’s GUIs’ name is Minecart.

  [Bug MC-71006] - 漏斗矿车和箱子矿车的GUI名字是矿车。

  [Bug MC-73304] - Scoreboard teamkill.”color” Is not registering entities

  [Bug MC-73304] - 计分板teamkill.”color”判据不记录实体。

  [Bug MC-74072] - Unicode Character “Small H with Stroke” (?) One Pixel Too High

  [Bug MC-74072] - 万国码字符中?高了一像素。

  [Bug MC-74392] - Copying written books creates 0-stacks/duplicates original

  [Bug MC-74392] - 复制成书可能创建0堆叠。

  [Bug MC-76313] - Pressing the crouch key while flying will slow you down

  [Bug MC-76313] - 下蹲时飞行速度减慢。

  [Bug MC-78557] - Buttons don’t have a special tool assigned - compare pressure plates

  [Bug MC-78557] - 按钮没有相应的分工,相比于压力板。

  [Bug MC-79604] - Explosions do not repel players in creative

  [Bug MC-79604] - 爆炸不击退创造模式的玩家。

  [Bug MC-81687] - Villagers accept less items for the same amount of emeralds

  [Bug MC-81687] - 村民接受相同价格的绿宝石兑换更少的物品。(奸商)

  [Bug MC-82677] - /give @p minecraft:anvil 1 3 will crash your game

  [Bug MC-82677] - /give @p minecraft:anvil 1 3 会使你的游戏崩溃

  [Bug MC-85304] - Ender dragons going to XYZ 0 0 0 when spawned in any type of world

  [Bug MC-85304] - 末影龙在任何世界生成时都会去XYZ 0 0 0 坐标。(估摸着就是上面的驯服末影龙的意思,不是真让你去驯服末影龙)

  [Bug MC-87894] - Creeper damage disproportionate

  [Bug MC-87894] - 爬行者伤害不成比例。

  [Bug MC-88268] - Glowing CustomName Items have blurry names

  [Bug MC-88268] - 发光物品的名字边缘模糊。

  [Bug MC-88668] - Old Hopper Minecarts have Enabled:0b/do not gather items

  [Bug MC-88668] - 老式版本的漏斗矿车在Enabled:0b时不收集物品。

  [Bug MC-89592] - Death screen death message doesn’t hide when showDeathMessages is false

  [Bug MC-89592] - 当规则showDeathMessages 为false时,死亡信息依然显示。

  [Bug MC-89917] - Pick Block on Boats only give Oak Variant

  [Bug MC-89917] - 挖掘船上的方块时只给橡木制品。(这行试了半天没试出来是什么bug)

  [Bug MC-91803] - In the game / title does not automatically play background music / cave ambient sounds

  [Bug MC-91803] - 在游戏内不会自动播放洞穴音效,同样的事情发生在标题界面。

  [Bug MC-92208] - Summoned MinecartHopper defaults to Enabled:0b

  [Bug MC-92208] - 生成的漏斗矿车默认为Enabled:0b

  [Bug MC-92783] - Setting LastOutput of a command block to an invalid JSON string causes crash

  [Bug MC-92783] - 设置命令方块的输出栏为无效的json会导致游戏崩溃(这也真是闲

  [Bug MC-93093] - Console Spam: “PLAYER is sending move packets too frequently (19 packets since last tick)”

  [Bug MC-93093] - 控制台发送玩家移动不正常的频率过高。

  [Bug MC-93119] - Survival player can obtain bedrock item

  [Bug MC-93119] - 生存模式的玩家可以获得基岩物品

  [Bug MC-94466] - zombies wont climb stairs

  [Bug MC-94466] - 僵尸不爬楼梯

  [Bug MC-94776] - Chicken will not follow the player with seeds up stairs

  [Bug MC-94776] - 鸡不会跟着诱拐犯玩家上楼梯。

  [Bug MC-95129] - Zombies don’t want to walk up a block (in some situations?)

  [Bug MC-95129] - 僵尸不想走在单个方块上(有些时候

  Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it!


  To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).

  为了下载快照,请打开官方启动器并点击New Profile按钮,打开snapshots并选择Enable experimental development snapshots并点击保存。如果要选择普通的版本,你可以选择在下拉菜单中在启动器左下角的按钮上面。在开始快照前备份你的世界或在不同的文件夹中启动(见new profile对话框)。

  Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.



  以上就是16w02a快照火热来袭 BUG修复内容介绍。更多精彩尽在游戏园我的世界专区。


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