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  Yet another week has passed, lots of bugs have been inspected, turned around and hopefully fixed. We’re inching ever closer to 1.9 and our focus is on stability, performance and the remaining polish.


  This week’s snapshot is all about boats! We did another iteration on them so please have a swim with them (watch it, they can sink!).


  As always we’d like to thank everyone who is reporting bugs, testing the snapshots and sending us feedback on our changes. While we get closer to 1.9 this will become more and more important. Please contionue doing it and thanks to you all!


  Notable changes:


  Boats are 7% moar boatier.




  Boats can sink.


  Boats > lily pads.


  Did someone mention boats?


  Updated sounds, try standing in the rain!


  Bugs fixed in this snapshot:


  [Bug MC-84632] - Chorus flower placed at or growing to Y=255 turning to chorus plant

  [Bug MC-84632] - 长至255高度的Chorus flower转变为chorus plant

  [Bug MC-88427] - Endermen & Blazes get ‘wet’ in boats

  [Bug MC-88427] - 末影人和烈焰人在船里“湿”了

  [Bug MC-89948] - Shulkers spin endlessly when riding in boats

  [Bug MC-89948] - Shulkers在船里不停旋转

  [Bug MC-89963] - Horse Hitbox is Larger than Boat Hitbox

  [Bug MC-89963] - 马的碰撞箱比船大

  [Bug MC-89978] - Small mobs drown in boats

  [Bug MC-89978] - 小实体在船里被水淹没

  [Bug MC-89985] - Squids riding boat when riding over them

  [Bug MC-89985] - 墨鱼在船驶过时成功上船

  [Bug MC-89987] - Offhand item still shown/not updated when moving in boat

  [Bug MC-89987] - 副手物品的渲染在开船时不正常

  [Bug MC-90011] - Boats face the direction opposite to the one you placed it on.

  [Bug MC-90011] - 船在玩家放下的时候面对不同的方向

  [Bug MC-90052] - Dismounting from a boat drops you in the water

  [Bug MC-90052] - 下船时你会掉在水里。

  [Bug MC-90074] - Boat from dispenser is facing wrong direction (always east)

  [Bug MC-90074] - 发射出来的船总是朝东

  [Bug MC-90084] - When sitting in boats player / mob legs penetrate the hull

  [Bug MC-90084] - 实体和玩家的脚在船外

  [Bug MC-90085] - Boats ignoring Lily Pads

  [Bug MC-90085] - 船无视睡莲(good

  [Bug MC-90124] - Reopening world when riding entity/boat dismounts player for some seconds

  [Bug MC-90124] - 在骑乘状态时重开世界总要花一段时间才能下来。

  [Bug MC-90148] - Boat paddle animation continues if player leaves boat while paddling with a mob inside

  [Bug MC-90148] - 在玩家离船而实体仍在时依旧播放划船动画

  [Bug MC-90175] - Game crashes when boats are summoned as passengers of a living entity

  [Bug MC-90175] - 当船作为一个活体的骑乘者的时候游戏咔嘣!

  [Bug MC-90191] - Armorstands in boats spin rapidly

  [Bug MC-90191] -盔甲架在船里高速旋转

  [Bug MC-90272] - Zombie / Skeleton in the boat not on fire

  [Bug MC-90272] - 船里的僵尸和骷髅不会自燃

  [Bug MC-90307] - Boats don’t lose any speed if directly above air

  [Bug MC-90307] - 船在空气中不减速(架木船,乘风而行

  [Bug MC-90352] - Placing boats on slime blocks and mounting it propels player & boat up hundreds of blocks

  [Bug MC-90352] - 放置船在史莱姆方块上并坐上去游戏会和玩家玩举高高

  [Bug MC-90594] - Player can stop sneaking/gliding without space to stand up

  [Bug MC-90594] - 玩家在没有空间的时候不能从潜行恢复至站立状态

  [Bug MC-90791] - ‘Place Block’ control is ignored while in a moving boat

  [Bug MC-90791] - 选取方块对行驶中的船不起作用

  [Bug MC-90909] - Boat auto correction position when making short turns

  [Bug MC-90909] - 船自动纠正位置的时候会急转弯

  [Bug MC-90923] - Boats Not Picking Up Armor stand

  [Bug MC-90923] - 船不载盔甲架

  [Bug MC-91008] - When Changing hand in boats, the item being swapped is still visually in the other hand

  [Bug MC-91008] - 当玩家在船上时切换主副手物品时,显示不正常

  [Bug MC-91524] - Entities disappear from boats (are removed, not invisible)

  [Bug MC-91524] - 船上的实体神秘失踪(非隐形

  [Bug MC-91620] - Boats full speed on pressureplates

  [Bug MC-91620] - 船在压力板上满速行驶。

  [Bug MC-91857] - Passengers might be broken

  [Bug MC-91857] - 乘客或许会受伤

  [Bug MC-92346] - Passenger-Rendering-Bug: World not rendering for Passenger (Same with horses!)

  [Bug MC-92346] - 渲染bug——乘客不渲染

  [Bug MC-92439] - Player facing is awkward when entering boat from the front.

  [Bug MC-92439] - 玩家从前上船时面对奇怪的方向

  [Bug MC-92536] - Mobs do not properly fit in passenger seat of boats

  [Bug MC-92536] - 实体并不是太适合船的座位

  Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it!


  To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).

  为了下载快照,请打开官方启动器并点击New Profile按钮,打开snapshots并选择Enable experimental development snapshots并点击保存。如果要选择普通的版本,你可以选择在下拉菜单中在启动器左下角的按钮上面。在开始快照前备份你的世界或在不同的文件夹中启动(见new profile对话框)。

  Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.






  我的世界1.9快照16w03a版本发布 修复众多BUG





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